Welcome to my humble blog! Here you will find the written transcripts of sermons I preach, as well as various educational materials I have prepared. I must begin by beseeching the mercy of my readers. I make no promises to provide perfect grammar (particularly regarding punctuation). These transcripts are what I bring to the pulpit in order to be spoken aloud to the faithful. As they are meant to share the Word of God with the people in the language of people, they are filled with colloquialisms, fragments, run-ons, and far too many commas. This happens simply for the reason that what works with speech delivery does not always translate well into writing. You may also notice that the transcript often will not precisely line up with the audio delivery of the sermon. These transcripts are living documents, in the delivery I am open to how the Holy Spirit wants to move in what I preach. Having made this confession, I invite you to read what I have preached.

“May The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship the Holy Spirit bless you now and always.”